We at Dannisport are so thankful for Superbike Freaks kind words about the quality of our leathers in their latest article! Check out the full article here

Last year, Ben Wilson (pictured) crashed very badly at the Northwest 200 and he was uninjured apart from a very badly broken leg from the impact (which a suit isn’t going to prevent).


Leather comes from a variety of countries depending on the application. The better quality leather usually comes from Brazil and Argentina but there is also good leather from Russia and Afghanistan. A lot of the time, the leather comes in a ‘wet blue’ state to be tanned locally at the factory and finished to the required spec and colour. Dannisport can colour leather to almost any pantone colour on request.


All suits are triple-stitched to CE standard and in some areas have four seams with bonded Kevlar and bonded nylon thread #40. As well as the major impact areas, Dannisport suits are extensively stitched in the not-so-vulnerable areas.


Over the years, Dannisport has won various motorcycle press awards including MCN Best Buy for gloves back in 1999, MCN Good Buy 3 times, RiDE magazine Recommended for 1pc suits in 2002 against a made-to-measure brand and typically scores above many of the major brands for seam strength and abrasion resistance.

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